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Plastic surgery in Tunisia

Nowadays, cosmetic surgery is no longer considered a luxury concept that targets a well-defined category. Indeed, it continues to develop and has become a simple intervention which is carried out after a few hours, depending on the surgery. Huge mutations have affected the world of cosmetic surgeries to make them accessible and more and more people are using it. Moreover, it can relate to necessary restorative interventions, after an illness or an accident, but more often, it is a choice to follow fashion, social pressure, or a simple desire. Therefore, cosmetic surgery was created to give life to people's dreams. In a few years, Tunisia has become a privileged destination for cosmetic surgery. After years of developing strategies, patients from around the world are flocking. Cosmetic surgery in Tunisia, brings you the solution and guides you to make you feel good about yourself from head to toe. In addition, Tunisia, this marvelous Mediterranean country known by the beauty of its nature, its beaches, by its blue sunny sky, is at the heart of these changes. Furthermore, it is characterized by its superb climate, its mysterious oases and its rich civilization heritage. Today, it is no longer necessary to prove the notoriety of medical tourism in Tunisia. It is currently a main target for aesthetic interventions, and is experiencing an important evolution in relation to the quality of the services offered. Each year, thousands of people do “Medical tourism” there, whether for liposuction, breast augmentation, getting a gastric band, a hair transplant or facelifts, body lift, etc. This destination is popular because of the quality / price ratio and the quality of the services. Due to the variety of tourist services offered and the significant growth of cosmetic surgery services, medical tourism in Tunisia has had years of glory. In Tunisia, you can make your dreams come true through a wide range of cosmetic surgeries offered such as breast surgeries, obesity surgeries, intimate surgeries, in vitro fertilization and many other interventions. Several patients chose Tunisia as a destination for their cosmetic procedures and they were not disappointed, for the result obtained corresponded perfectly to their expectations. The progress that Tunisia has known which has enabled it to become the 2nd African destination is the result of several factors: the quality of the interventions to international standards, the hospital structures dedicated solely to plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, the competent surgeons, the low prices and the services offered such as tourism and it is only at 3 hours by plane from London. There is no difference between an intervention carried out in Tunisia and a similar intervention carried out abroad. After the aesthetic intervention, the patient will enjoy a pleasant and relaxing stay of one thousand and one nights in one of our luxury hotels located on Carthage coasts near the airport. In fact, they are anchored by the sea and have all the features necessary for your peaceful rest under the Mediterranean sky. Besides, they have all the means needed for your relaxation and rest.

Our surgeons

We collaborate with the best specialist doctors and cosmetic surgeons in Tunisia. They graduated in Tunisia, France or the U.S.A and have been practicing for several years in Tunisia and Europe. Nonetheless, they have acquired considerable expertise in their medical and surgical specialties throughout their professional careers.
Medical tourism is a team effort that incorporates many health professionals and other paramedical sectors. Each professional is entrusted to their specialty and have the right to carry out their profession in their own field that affects all the body parts (face, chest, breasts, back, intimate area, body, buttocks, stomach, hips, etc.), which is accredited by the authorities concerned.
The Tunisian aesthetic surgeons with whom we cooperate are all highly qualified professionals with skills recognized at the national and international level. In fact, they master the most modern and advanced techniques in the field of cosmetic and restorative surgery. Moreover, they listen to their patients to understand their needs and objectives, and act accordingly by prioritizing practical and adequate solutions.


Our partner clinics will provide you with the utmost comfort and the most modern equipments that meet international standards. Their medical and paramedical staff will take care of you during the duration of your stay in the clinic.
In addition, our team will always be at your disposal so that you will never lack anything and at the same time feel at ease. Besides, the rooms are contemporary and supplied with all the equipments necessary for health care and medical monitoring and which administer total comfort (air conditioning, heating, television, telephone, shower room, etc.).
These clinics are also among the most modern clinics in the entire African continent. Also, they are all close to the Tunis Carthage Airport and the hotel where you will be staying during your recovery period.


Cosmetic surgery in Tunisia appears within this demand which is done in each country, but which transcends its borders, with a qualitative offer, and by proposing inexpensive prices for interventions which are practiced elsewhere at exorbitant prices.
Given its many advances, the quality of infrastructure and the professional qualifications of surgeons, Tunisia, a naturally tourist country, has become the land of medical tourism.
The reduced and very affordable prices of cosmetic surgery applied in Tunisia have no relation to the level of quality of the medical and personal services offered by the clinics nor the degree of skill and expertise of the surgeons. The difference in the price of cosmetic surgery between Tunisia and Europe is mainly due to the lower cost of labor, the low value of Tunisian dinars compared to the euro and the fees of medical personnel in Tunisia.
All the prices of cosmetic surgical interventions in Tunisia are much cheaper than those practiced in Europe. This price difference varies from 40% to 60% and can reach up to 65% compared to surgeries carried out in France.
The average price of cosmetic surgery in Tunisia includes the post-operative stay.
We provide you with a wide range of prices and flat rates and all inclusive..