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Les Berges du Lac 1053TUNIS Tunisia


Our partner clinics are multidisciplinary polyclinics where surgical interventions are carried out in the most delicate disciplines such as oncology, cardiology, neurology, etc. We work in partnership with many medical professionals all approved by the Tunisian State. Among these collaborations, we find many renowned surgeons as well as ultramodern clinics. We collaborate with the best cosmetic surgery clinics in Tunisia. They are all private and state-approved hospital structures. They all offer a hospital infrastructure with state-of-the-art technology, in line with international standards. They provide a highly qualified medical and paramedical team, which is available 24 hours a day. In fact, they are multilingual, very welcoming and attentive. The surgeon first carries out an initial medical diagnosis in order to meet the patient’s needs, advises them, performs rapid intervention, without risks but with exemplary follow-up, to guarantee them a good result in all security. All medical records are protected by medical confidentiality, the clinics respect anonymity and the code of medical ethics. Likewise, they strictly comply with all the rules of hygiene and asepsis. The rooms are equipped with all the equipments necessary for care and surveillance and offering all modern comforts (air conditioning, TV, telephone, shower room, control bed, …). In addition, they are close to Tunis Carthage Airport and the hotel where you will spend your recovery period. These clinics are all approved and audited by the Tunisian ministry of public health.

The clinics put a high-quality team at the service of patients in order to insure you a quality of hospitalization and very comfortable care. Thanks to modern equipments, the clinics offer surgical and medical treatments of good performance for the patients. Furthermore, they are also concerned with patient health and hygiene before, during, and even after surgery in the various specialties. These clinics also offer cheaper and more effective cosmetic procedures, which provide very satisfactory results physically and financially.

The clinics provide a set of guarantees essential to the success of your plastic surgery in Tunisia. During the intervention, all the necessary measures are taken according to international standards such as putting on anticoagulant, wearing compression stockings if necessary, putting on antibiotics, a sterile block dedicated exclusively to cosmetic surgery with the presence of an anesthetist and intensive care doctor throughout the intervention. In addition, the attention required in private clinics, the mandatory presence of a full medical team during each intervention ensures the smooth running of the surgery and the excellence of the results.

During the recovery period, a medical assistant specializing in plastic surgery will be available to each patient to answer any questions. To provide all postoperative care (injections, change of dressings, etc.).

At least two postoperative consultations will be scheduled with the surgeon during your recovery, allowing you to closely monitor the healing process and the progress of the result. During the last postoperative consultation before the patient returns, all documents relating to their intervention will be given to them, the operative report as well as the appropriate prescriptions.