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How to decide

Cosmetic surgery is a medical branch of plastic surgery. With the advancement of technology and the reduction in treatment prices, it has become one of the most popular procedures in the world. The goal of cosmetic surgery is to improve a person’s physical appearance and it follows a request from the patient. Surgery helps combat the morphological effects of aging or pregnancy, birth or accidental imperfections that have arisen during life. It includes therapeutic surgical or medical procedures. Thus, a surgical or medical intervention will improve self-confidence by removing a complex or treating an imperfection.

Tourism represents one of the largest economic activities in the world and plays a considerable role in Tunisia. In view of the high demand which is constantly expressed and given the strong international competition, the emergence of new destinations all over the world and the profound changes which mark this demand, both national and international, tourism health is the promising « niche » for the development of Tunisian tourism in an era of diversification, a new temptation for a new high-end customers. Tunisia has several assets which guarantee the success of this activity including its potential of qualification and skills with regard to the management of health centers, cosmetic surgery and many other disciplines. However, cosmetic surgery remains for the moment a marginal segment of Tunisian exports of health services. Tunisia offers a very competitive price / quality ratio. The competence of Tunisian cosmetic surgery specialists is recognized nationally and internationally. Cosmetic surgery in Tunisia has undergone a qualitative change in the last 10 years and has become an important competitor for countries such as France, Turkey, Greece, Hungary, India, Thailand, Czech Republic, etc. In this context, the comfort and price advantages of Tunisia can divert part of the European demand towards local clinics. Tunisia has many distinct and varied tourist areas, many archaeological sites, beautiful beaches and nature. The follow-up period after cosmetic surgery allows you to enjoy nature and its tourist attractions.

Medical tourism is determined as the travel organization for foreigners who benefit from tourist and medical services in Tunisia. Therefore, it is necessary to go through an agency « facilitators » for the organization of the stay and advise the user how to choose their agency. The travel agency dedicated in medical tourism must be of category A and fulfill the elements of accreditation of a type A travel agency. Indeed, the Interprofessional Federation of Tunisian Tourism (Fi2T) is responsible for the conformity of accredited companies such as: being a member of the Interprofessional Federation of Tunisian Tourism, holding a license or an approval issued by the Ministry of Tourism and the National Office of Tunisian Tourism, comply with respect for medical ethics on its website, have a tax number, etc. In addition, these agencies must display on all their communication media and in particular leaflets, brochures, websites, etc and any other identification medium, all legal information such as: Company type: SARL / SA / PP …, N ° of Trade Register, type, ONTT license number, Fi2T or FTAV membership number, Insurance policy number, creation date to find out the seniority and the date of creation of a medical tourism provider offering its services through a website. So, you just have to copy and paste the domain name in the research section of the website and you will get the information you are looking for.

The multiplication of sites offering medical and cosmetic surgery stays in Tunisia is constantly increasing and is causing great confusion in the minds of internet users looking for credible and professional service. This specially international audience finds it very difficult to distinguish between the professional who respects the law and the non-professional who is outlaw. To this end, we recommend that you pay attention and be wary of websites that do not display any information, or partial information mentioned above. Hence, only a category A travel agency accredited by the Ministry of Tourism can coordinate a medical or cosmetic tourism trip and accompany the patient during their medical stay.