Breast augmentation 101

Breast augmentation consists of placing silicone breast implants, in front of or behind the muscle according to the surgeon’s decision. The placement of round or anatomical implants solves a problem of asymmetry, hypotrophy, or a strong loss of volume following pregnancies, a period of breastfeeding or variations in weight. Breast augmentation surgery lasts an average of 1 to 2 hours depending on the case. The scar of breast augmentation is very visible at first and gradually fades over the months. The result is appreciable nearly from the 6th month. Whereas, the final result can only be judged from the 9th month.

Breast reduction 99

Breast reduction surgery involves removing excess skin and mammary gland by reshaping it. It is recommended for any woman with a fall with excessive breast volume. The skin is repositioned and stretched over the gland and the areola and the nipple are replaced harmoniously. The scars will fade during the first year, ending up being almost invisible. There are several breast reduction techniques. Thus, the surgeon will decide the most appropriate one to achieve the desired goal. The result will be seen from the 6th month. As for the final result will be noticeable only from the 9th month.

Breast lifting 106

Breast lifting is recommended for any woman suffering from a fall with or without excessive breast volume. It is intended to remedy the breast ptosis, that is to say the sagging of the mammary gland following a sagging of the skin due to large variations in weight, a period of breastfeeding or simply skin aging. The lifting consists of repositioning the breast mound by raising it up on the chest, to obtain firmer, younger-looking breasts. Breast lifting can be associated with breast implant or fat injection. As a result, the patient will regain a better modeled breasts, located at the right height with a pretty neckline.

Breast lipofilling 99

A breast augmentation could be obtained by breast lipofilling or injection of the patient’s own fat. It is a complementary tool to breast reconstruction. In fact, it is mainly indicated for very small breasts or for patients with sufficient fat reserves and wanting at all costs to avoid a breast implant. In addition, this surgery is also recommended for thin women who have breast implants whose contours may be slightly visible. As a result, fat injections can help fill the contours of the prostheses, which will make it invisible in all positions, and will give a very natural look.

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