Hair transplant is a revolutionary technique that helps regrow lost hair. As is the case for other aesthetic surgery for men, the price of hair transplant Tunisia is very advantageous. This aesthetic intervention is very performed by men because it allows to find a perfect male beauty. Baldness or hair loss are phenomena that appear much more in men than women. These two problems are generally linked to the nature of male hormones because for women the cause of these two problems is often linked to the result of childbirth, excessive smoking or stress.

Hair implant surgery involves removing hair from an area (usually the back of the head) to implant it in the bare area. The volume of hair removed is determined during the first examination with the surgeon because the degree of baldness depends on one person to another. Any person of full age can undergo a hair transplant. The FUE hair transplant ( Follicular Unit Extraction) is performed under local anesthesia. In fact, it is a hair transplant technique that involves removing hair by punch. The treatment is even more thorough than that of FUT (It’s an older hair transplant method ) and therefore the duration of the operation is longer. However, this is the most used technique for hair transplant because its result is effective. The surgeon extracts follicles containing 1 to 3 hairs from your own scalp (eg in the crown at the back of the head), leaving no scar. 3000 grafts can thus supply up to 9000 hairs. These follicles are reimplanted individually on the area where hair regrowth is desired. This method is the most recent and gives the best results with many advantages: absence of scar, simpler postoperative follow-up, almost absence of bleeding. The FUE method leaves no permanent scar. The donor area, that is, the collection area, heals in about a week.

According to specialists, micro-grafts of hair is an aesthetic intervention which is distinguished by its fairly significant result. It’s about 95% of the volume of transplanted hair that grows back an average of one cm per month. The optimal effect of a hair transplant appears after six months.

Using a hair implant has many advantages. Indeed, this cosmetic Surgery is almost painless and it allows a better distribution of the hair. It ensures an aesthetic result while leaving no scar.