Gastric band 107

The gastric band is a small silicone device on which a balloon is fixed. This latter is connected by a thin pipe to a small tank which will be placed under the skin. Then it will be inflated by a simple filling with serum which will be injected into the reservoir. The gastric band provides a quick feeling of satiety. The Surgery of gastric band placement does not cause any visible scar, as the procedure is performed under laparoscopy. After 2 months, the patient begins to notice a weight loss. A period of 18 months to 2 years is necessary to reach your goal in good conditions.

Sleeve gastrectomy 110

The sleeve gastrectomy is indicated for people who have not been able to get rid of their morbid obesity despite a healthy diet and regular physical exercises. It aims to remove almost 80% of the stomach. The remaining part takes the form of a tubular pocket resembling a banana. The gastric sleeve helps to slow down the passage of food in the digestive tract to evacuate it very quickly in the small intestine. As the sleeve gastrectomy is performed by laparoscopy, external scars are almost invisible. The sleeve will allow the patient, in the long term, to achieve significant weight loss about 60 to 80% of their initial excess weight.

Bypass 99

Gastric bypass is recommended when the overweight person suffers from various life-threatening problems related to their weight or when they notices a serious deterioration in his quality of life ((asthma, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), high blood pressure,).This intervention is based on two principles: reducing the size of the stomach and decreasing the absorption of food by the body due to a short circuit of part of the intestine. Bypass surgery is carried out using laparoscopy. It leaves only minimal scars the size of small dots. These result from the holes made by the surgeon to insert the medical equipment.

Intragastric balloon 103

The intragastric balloon is a device to be inserted inside the stomach. It will occupy a certain space in the patient’s stomach so that there is less space for food. This surgery slows the passage of food and liquids through the stomach and gives a permanent feeling of satiety which will automatically reduce the amount of food consumed. As a result, the patient benefits from rapid weight loss. Besides reducing the amount of food consumed, it causes a total change in eating behavior in the patient. Thus, even after removal of the intragastric balloon, they will be able to maintain their new lifestyle.

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