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Our collaborators are the best doctors and cosmetic surgeons. They graduated in France or the USA. But before perfecting their training in the largest European universities, all of our partner surgeons were initially trained at the Faculty of Medicine in Tunis. Indeed, it is a Tunisian university establishment, which was founded in 1964. The diploma of Tunisian medicine is aligned with international standards, with a postgraduate level of medical studies like the French system. In order to ensure full training for their students, they must do daily hospital internships for the entire duration of the second cycle of their course. These specialized internships are carried out in the various hospitals of Tunis (for some these internships are carried out in regional university hospital centers, distributed throughout the country). These internship periods allow medical students to quickly acquire strong field experience, and to be confronted with a multitude of diverse and varied cases, which already provide them with rich experience.

This medical university is very renowned and has trained generations of doctors of excellent reputation, both nationally and internationally. Some of them now practice in the USA, France, Italy, Germany, England, or in the Gulf countries. Indeed, they have extensive experience of at least 10 years and more in their area of ​​expertise. They are at the forefront of the most modern techniques and in terms of cosmetic and restorative surgery. They listen to their patients and know how to meet their requirements by favoring a natural and suitable result. Thanks to the expertise and know-how of our partners, doctors and cosmetic surgeons have acquired an excellent reputation. They have become very busy and recommend booking interventions well in advance.

They are all registered with the order of doctors in the order of their respective specialties. They successfully practice in their private practices, and are covered by professional insurance.

Only certified cosmetic surgeons and their medical teams are entitled to perform medical procedures or surgical interventions in our cosmetic clinics in Tunisia in order to insure a satisfactory and an excellent professional service. It is for this reason that only a real travel agency (with a Category A Travel Agency license and an accreditation from the Ministry of Tourism) is entitled to organize and facilitate your trip, to make your transfers by car. (airport / hotel / clinic), make hotel reservations for you and support you throughout your stay.

If you agree to leave without being supported by a real Travel Agency and not by any “Unidentified Company or service company”, you run the risk of having no recourse in the event of a problem during your transfers, or in case of other possible logistical problems during your stay.

Before registering, you should therefore check the status of the organization offering you a cosmetic surgery stay. The legal status must appear clearly on the website